Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving Day

Today we moved farther north to Mallard Creek Golf & RV in Lebanon, OR, just east of Albany. But let me back up and catch you up on our trip to Crater Lake on Friday. It's a beautiful drive, we took the southern route there then came back the northern route, so was able to see more of the countryside. It turned out to be quite cold there, at places only 46 degrees, so needless to say, we looked, took pictures and high tailed it out of there to some warmer weather.
 The lake is quite scenic, but what attracted Jim was the snow. He just had to stop and play.

The water is so clear and even turquoise in spots around the island.
 On our way back we passed by Diamond Lake with Mt. Baily in the background.
This is looking back towards Crater Lake and the next pictures tells you what this point is.

 There were several falls along the way, so stopped to get a look at I believe was Watson Falls.
 Once we got back to I5 we toured a couple of wineries in the area.  We were impressed with a couple, so did purchase a couple of bottles. At the end of the day, we drove 287 miles all of them just beautiful scenery. Everything is just so green, with trees everywhere.

This morning we left Canyonville about 9am and got into Mallard Creek about 11:45. The previous people had not vacated our space yet, so what was there to do except play golf. The course is right next to the RV park, nicely maintained but the fairways are narrow. So Jim spent time looking for his ball on a few holes.

Had an enjoyable round of golf, got the RV parked and we settled in to BBQ chicken for dinner. The weather was perfect this afternoon and hopefully will continue while we are here.

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