Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Curious Visitor

The pool is progressing along nicely now, hopefully tomorrow it will be up and running. The pool deck was completed, now the crew has moved to our front entrance way to resurface that area before they finish up the backyard patio. The frame for the BBQ grill goes in tomorrow. I am so happy to see some progress in this project.

We did have one curious visitor to our pool construction - he wanted to check out the skimmer. He didn't stay around long, just an inspection then he left.
Most of our new home theater system was installed last week and we have been enjoying the BIG sharp pictures and the wonderful sound. They still need to come back next week to finish up on some items.  But for the most part, the house is back in order (boy what a mess during installation).  Here's our 80" in the family room, this gives you a perspective with the sliding glass doors below.
A change we are making is putting the bottom speaker above the TV so the TV can come down 9".  Jim is fabricating a bracket for the speaker so it will be flush with the top of the TV and angling down so the sound doesn't get lost in space.
We have the capability to stream movies directly from Netflix, view any website on the internet, stream music throughout the whole house from the internet including Pandora, plus many other features. Now the challenge - to learn how to operate all this electronic equipment!

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