Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unwanted Guest

Our trip to San Diego came to an end on Sunday the 1st and we reluctantly drove back to the heat of Tucson. We did discover that while we were away, we had an unwanted guest move into our pool.
I believe this is a Sonoran Desert Toad. Don't ask me where it came from, I have no idea, it just decided to make our pool his new home. We have tossed it over the fence hoping it will go away, but it just shows back up at our pool. At night it sounds like someone snoring. And of course it is right outside our bedroom, so we get serenaded every night. The only way we will get rid of him is to catch the thing and transport it far away from our backyard.

I just finished another oil painting, so just wanted to share with everyone. It's actually 3 canvas' to make one painting with each panel being 15"x30".  I don't profess to be a professional artist, but I do enjoy dabbling.
It's too hot for hiking so haven't had much to post. So until our next trip my blogging might be a little thin. Hopefully our next trip in the RV will be happening soon.

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