Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oregon Bound

Friday we left Tucson at 11:30 Oregon bound to find cooler weather and to get the RV on the road. Our place in Indio was our first stop, which we made in 6 1/4 hours with no problem except with rain along the way. Just enough rain to get the RV and the Lincoln filthy. A big downpour hit us right after we got parked and all settled - whew just in time! I think this is the first time we have experienced rain ever in Indio.

We were up and on the road by 4:30 the next morning, hoping to get through LA before the freeways got crowded. We skirted along the foothill freeway with only a 10 minute construction delay and with minimal traffic for that area. Hit the San Joaquin valley at the bottom of the Grapevine after 3 3/4 hours unscathed. Our first stop is Lodi (the only park for our size RV in the Sacramento area) so we can visit my sister who lives in Sacramento.

We arrived at the Flag City RV Park at 12:30, proceeded to check in then went out to unhook the Lincoln to pull into our space. The Lincoln didn't start - nothing new, we have this problem with this vehicle that the battery dies while we tow, so we hooked up our battery jump starter - nothing. This has always worked in the past. At this point I go in and ask the office if there was anyone with cable jumpers that could help us - well no luck.

Just so happens this guy was walking past us and asked if he could help. Of course we say Yes!! He came over with his pickup, jumper cables and still no luck - The Lincoln is just dead. Luckily he was a mechanic and kept at it until he came up with the idea that a fuse was blown, so started to investigate - well that was the problem. After searching through out the many fuses, we finally found one that was bad - replaced it and got the Lincoln started.  Needless to say, that guy made a few extra bucks helping us because if he didn't we would have to had the Lincoln towed to get fixed and ruined our trip. I'm thankful for people willing to help other people. Talk about a stroke of luck.

So after that problem was solved, we decided the Lincoln needed to be driven, so off to the Lodi wineries we go.  After spending the next 3 hours at wineries, we only came home with 1 bottle of wine.  Didn't really find any we really loved. But not to worry, Monday we are heading over to Napa valley.

After driving for 8 1/2 hours this morning and an exhausting afternoon tasting wine, we mellowed out enjoying the beautiful 80 degree weather, then BBQ'd our dinner.

Now it's Sunday morning - tried to post this last night but was having troubles (maybe the visit to the wineries had something to do with it?), it's going much better this morning. Today we are off to visit with my sister for the day.

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