Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coos Bay Day Trip

Here it is Thursday morning already, where does time go when on the road? To catch up a little let's go back to Tues. evening. We were enjoying a glass of wine out on the patio gazing on the surrounding tree filled mountains when the sky just decided to dump. Needless to say that by the time we got the chairs put away and got into the motorhome it rained so much that my wine was a bit watered down. It rained off and on the rest of the evening (it doesn't get dark here until after 9pm) and night. But around 7pm the electricity went out in the park. Luckily it was cool enough that the A/C was not required, so we faired quite well even though the coach is all electric there is enough battery power we can survive for quite some time, except A/C that would really draw the power. But if need be, we always have a generator. The power did come back on around 9:30. Never did hear why it went out.

Yesterday since it was still overcast and cool we decided that a trip to the coast would be in order. Sorry no pictures of the ocean/coast as we really didn't see it except all the bays. We started out at Bandon, drove through town, not much. But as we were driving up Hwy 101 we saw Bandon Doons Golf Course, so we drove in just to check it out. Really not much to see there, but we can now say we saw the place (it's a highly rated course).

On up Hwy 101, took a side trip through Charleston then through Coos Bay. Nothing really caught our eye so kept driving. Now we are getting hungry, so Jim found a listing for Ungers Fish & Chips in Winchester Bay. We found the road it was on, but I guess we missed the turnoff, so we kept driving down this road quite aways until we figured out we must have passed it, so turning around we went back.  It still took us quite awhile to find the place, but we finally made it, so glad we did as the fish-n-chips were delicious.
Drove up the coast a little bit further before heading back inland to the RV park. A total of 259 miles for the day and even though the drive was beautiful, I wanted to see the coast/ocean which we didn't even get a glimpse of it.

Here is the Seven Feathers Park we are staying at, which I highly recommend. The park is rated #10 and I totally agree, they only need to trim their trees.
Jim is trying to fix our little plastic side table that a leg broke off, but didn't work, so off to the garbage it goes.
 Here is a look eastward from our space.
 Here is a look westward from our space.
Oh, after we got back from driving all those miles yesterday, we needed some exercise, so of course we walked over to the casino where we proceeded to win $59 then left and walked back. Another productive day at the casino.

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