Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nature Siteseeing

Monday brought a beautiful day, so Carol, Joyce and Linda took a trip over to the west side to discover the Desert Museum. Many beautiful cactus flowers were in blossom, but we were a little disappointed because most the animals were in hiding. I did get a peak at a gila monster before he slithered away

A hummingbird was kind enough to pose for a picture.
We took a break half way through to rest (of course the resting spot happened to be the snack bar that served ice cream).  Later that afternoon, Jamie joined us at home for a round of skipbo (the card sharks were so engrossed in their game that dinner wasn't even on their minds and needed to be interrupted).

Tuesday brought another beautiful day so off to Sabino Canyon. We took the tram to the end where we disembarked for a photo shoot.

On the return trip we got off the tram at two stops to take more pictures.

We found a nice resting spot next to the creek under some trees with a cool breeze. It just doesn't get any better than this.
This evening will be rounded out with cards and dinner. Tomorrow we will keep it simple with taking Joyce and Carol to see the motorhome, visit Jim's business, go by Chris' gravesite, then dinner at Chuck and Kim's place.

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