Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Visit

Jim's mother, Joyce and sister, Carol are visiting us from Wisconsin this week. They flew in on Saturday, one of our coldest days of the past month, only in the 50s. It felt like home to them. But this week promises to become quite nice and hot. We'll give them a sample of good ole' Tucson weather. We got the whole family together at our house on Sunday, all 20 of us.

We all gather in the house visiting with Joyce and Carol.

The children finally found their way outside to play. This is Semira, Jim's great-granddaughter. She doesn't mind the cool weather.
The grillmaster hard at work with grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.
When the grilling started, several braved the cooler temperatures on the patio. But with the patio heaters, it was most pleasant.
Our group picture. When family gets together, there is always a photo time.

Here is Jim's mother with all her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchild.
The five generations, from left to right, Sunday, Joyce, Brian, Semira and Jim.

It was so wonderful to have the whole family together at once, that happens so rarely because of everyone's busy schedules.

Monday, Linda will be tour guide and take Joyce and Carol to the Desert Museum for the day to enjoy our beautiful desert attraction, then Jamie will join us for dinner. Come back to find out what other interesting places we visit during this week.

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