Monday, April 9, 2012

And the Indio Invitational Winner IS?

You probably already guessed who would win the 2nd Annual Indio Invitational - the defending Champ - Jim. Congratulations for a tournament well played. (Sorry, the prize money isn't anywhere close to what Bubba went home with!)

Day 9 we headed out to the course, got through hole 1 then was told the course was closed due to a resort tournament that afternoon. So no golf on Friday. But we were out there on Saturday morning willing to get in two rounds if that was necessary. We played the Dot game and Linda took off with the lead, but Jim quickly closed the gap and took off.  Jim won the day with 14 dots, Linda 5 and Greg 3. That gave Jim 5 tournament wins against Greg and Linda's 2 wins each.

With no need for round two on Saturday, I put up a $5 pot for the winner between Jim and Greg. After battling it out for 18 holes Greg was +3 and Jim +6. So Greg didn't go home without a win.

Being our last night, we of course went for a boat cruise, with perfect weather and our congratulatory drinks, we headed out.  Soon we ran across a disabled boat, their dock line fell overboard and got wrapped around their prop, so with Jim's skillful boat maneuvering, we towed them back to their dock.
We continued on our cruise, went back had Brats for dinner and called it an end to our fabulous tournament trip. Sunday morning we packed up and got on the road around 9:30 heading back to Tucson.

Thanks Greg for once again participating in the tournament for that highly coveted trophy. A good time was had by all with great company, delicious food, outstanding weather and wonderful golf. Look forward to the 3rd Annual next year!

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