Friday, April 6, 2012

Indio Invitational Days 7 & 8

No pictures today (I suppose you are probably tired of seeing the same ole' golf shots all the time). Just an update on the Indio Invitational.

Day 7 the Dot game was revisited and Greg came out the winner, with Jim trying at the very end to tie, but unable to make a needed birdie on the last hole to tie Greg. Score was Greg 13, Jim 12 and Linda lagging behind at 5.

Day 8 we played the 2 against 1 scramble again with unexpected results. Jim jumped out leading with Linda trailing behind, but after Linda had an outburst expressing an unfairness to the game and that the low  man on the list is impossible to win, the tides did change. Greg made a great comeback and was tied with Jim with Linda always a point behind. But on the last hole it ended up that all were tied at 8, so to sudden death we went. The first hole of sudden death we all tied with par, the second hole, Jim was eliminated. The third hole Greg was eliminated, so Linda ended up winning (something that she said was impossible earlier). So that just proves that nothing is impossible!

The tournament now stands at Jim 4, Greg 2 and Linda 2.  Jim's next win will put him the tournament champion.  Greg and Linda have their work cut out for them the next two days, one of them needs to win both days to tie with Jim, then it will go to a sudden death situation.

Today will be the Dot game again (Jim doesn't do as well on this game). The winds are up, forecast in the 80s, another beautiful day.

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