Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indio Invitational Days 5 & 6

Monday brought cooler weather with 15-25 mph winds. With the cooler weather we pretty much stayed indoors most of the morning being entertained by our many devises (computers & IPad). But never fear, the Indio Invitational did go on as planned.

The game of the day was Dots as previously explained. One person jumped to an early lead and with spectacular play dominated the whole day. Birdies were the main reason for such a lead along with many greenies. Two holes the winner scored 3 points getting the greenie, birdie plus point for the hole.  The final score was Linda 14, Greg 8 and Jim 3.  I do have to admit that Greg and Jim were just not up to par on their play, but I attribute Linda's win to her outstanding skills in golf on this particularly windy day.

Monday evening was Taco night up at the club, so off we went to enjoy tacos and margaritas to celebrate my win.
Tuesday the winds subsided and promised to be another beautiful day for golf.  Someone was quite ambitious this morning by swabbing the deck.
Once the crew completed his task, off we headed to exercise our minds.
Our play for the 6th day was a variation of match play. This game turned out to be quite competitive and fair. No one took a lead, but all stayed pretty even.

It all came down to a 3-way tie after 18 holes with only 2 points each. It went to a sudden death playoff hole that Jim took. So the tournament score is Jim 4, Greg 1 and Linda 1.  Game #7 is important that Greg and Linda step up to prevent Jim from winning the tournament. It has been determined that game 7 will be the Dot game again. Hopefully Linda will prevail once again on this game.

After a hard day of the golf course, a boat ride was in order.

Wednesday brings another beautiful day with light winds and in the 80s. Who will prevail on the course today?

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