Monday, April 2, 2012

Indio Invitational Days 3 & 4

Getting ready for day three, the players were hard at work to get into condition.

Day 3's Bingo Bango Bongo game brought interesting results.  It does not warrant a good game to play on a par 3 course, but we suffered through with Jim clearly out front with 28 points, Linda with 18 and Greg 7.  So after day three the score is Jim 2, Greg 1 and Linda 0.

Day 4 we played another of Greg's creative games which he named 2 against 1 scramble where the single is the current leader. (Where does he come up with these games?) This proved to be a competitive, fair game. Linda took the lead at 4 to Jim & Greg's each at 1 at hole number 4, but needless to say that lead did not continue long. At the end of 18 Jim and Greg were tied at 5 with Linda at 4. So a sudden death hole was played between Jim and Greg with Jim victorious.

The defending champion, Jim, is now 3, Greg 1 and Linda 0. Just to let you know what all the hoopla is about, this is the coveted trophy that we are playing for. (Greg and Linda better get their act in gear!)

The players are getting ready for day 5 which will be the Dot Game (a dot is awarded for a greenie, birdie, sandy, and winning the hole). Another fabulous Greg creation. Light winds are forecasted with temperature in the low to mid 80s.  Should be another spectacular day.

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