Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Day of Visit

Thursday Jamie came by and picked up Carol and Joyce to meet Michele for lunch, then on to Jamie's home where the card sharks played cards all afternoon. Then we all headed up to the Country Club for dinner last night.

Friday, being their last full day here, we decided to visit the Tucson Botanical Gardens in the morning before it got hot. It was a pleasant time spent. Here are some of the sights we saw.

There was a beautiful Iris Garden where Carol took pictures of the plentiful flowers.

There was a butterfly exhibit with butterflies from all over the world. It was facinating to see so many different types. Some of them would not stop long enough for a photo, but others accommodated the cameral quite nicely.

A morning filled with nature brought on an appetite, so we headed back to the Country Club for lunch salads.  Brian and Marsha are bringing over dinner tonight to visit with Carol and Joyce again. The last evening of their visit.

Their flight is at 6:45am tomorrow, so will be on the road before 5am to get them to the airport on time. It sure has been enjoyable having them visit and for them to see the whole family. I enjoyed being tour guide seeing many of the sights I haven't visited in quite awhile. The week just seemed to fly by.

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