Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Green Desert

Just had to go to Sabino Canyon this morning to see up close and personal the plethora of green and water this year and I wasn't disappointed even though I suffered through the humidity on a hot morning. Here are some of the shots I took on my hike.

The water is flowing over the trail. A few days ago with all the flash flooding, rescue teams helicoptered out several people who were caught on the wrong side. I guess people don't understand what flash flooding means in this area. There have been several days that people needed rescuing.

 Can you believe we have wildflowers in August? There are probably more wildflowers now than in the spring.
The ocotillos are just flourishing.
The water is rushing over the rocks.
Sabino Dam is overflowing.

The flying bugs are out in force and these plant eating caterpillars are all over having a feast.
I don't know if I have captured how green everything is, but hopefully you get the idea.
Yes we have the monsoon season every year and we get rain, but we had a record July. I measured in my little rain gauge at home a total of 8.20 inches in July only and we still have 1-2 months left. Average annual rainfall for this area is about 12 inches. July made a big dent in that average. It's great to see the desert blossom out with such color.

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