Saturday, July 29, 2017

Golfin' In The Rain

"Yes RV, we must go home, we can't stay here forever," says Jim to RV last Sunday morning.  We left Ruidoso last Sunday at 6:40am (Tucson time) and made it to just east of Benson before we hit a rain storm. It wasn't too bad but of course got the RV all nice and dirty again. We got the RV back in the barn and all tucked in by 1pm to let it rest up for its next run probably not for another 4 months.

We decided to play golf this Friday because the forecast was little chance of rain versus Sat. a big chance of rain. So we headed to Forty Niner Golf Course for a cheap ($19/ea) round of golf. Almost finished the 9th hole (following behind some quite slow players) when the sky decided to let loose. We headed up to the clubhouse and saw all the slow players taking refuge from the rain under cover, so we braved the rain and played hole #10 to get ahead of every one. Then we had to find cover under trees to wait out the rain thinking it would last only a short time. After about 15 minutes it slowed a bit so teed off on #11, then started to rain hard again - again we found cover under the trees (thankfully there are a lot of trees on the course). Waited again - then was able to hit our second shot then wait out the rain again.
The storm lasted probably a total of 45 minutes then we were home free. Finished up at the clubhouse  bar for our free draft beer that comes with the golf. Such a deal. Usually the beer tastes great after a hot, dusty round of golf, but not as great after a cool, soggy round of golf. But the pizza we ordered  with the bottle of red wine was more to our liking.
 All in all a great day even with the unpredicted rain that got us quite wet. But we did mostly dry off after it stopped. From now on I will be bringing our rain jackets this time of year even with the forecast of no rain.

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