Friday, October 7, 2016

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

Came up to the cabin on Wed to enjoy probably the last of the beautiful weather and it will probably be awhile before we make it back up here. It's cooler but still getting into the 70s during the day. But with just crystal clear blue skies.

Thursday was work day with blowing off decks and driveway, picking up pine cones, cutting unwanted oak tree seedlings and Jim getting up to clean pine needles out of the gutters.

 Since it was such a beautiful day, we took a break in the afternoon from work to drive to Fools Hollow Lake about 3 miles from the cabin. We've heard that the fishing is good there, so needed to do a drive thru for a check-out. It's a pretty small lake that would be good for some walking around, but no so much for fishing. The bottom is completely covered with weeds - I know my tackle would get caught and loose it. Plus it is an AZ State Park so the entrance fee is $7.

Friday after a few chores in the morning, we took a drive southeast towards Sunrise Ski Area to take in the fall colors. And did we come across them. I didn't realize there were so many Aspen in the area.
 We hit it at just the right time, all the trees are in the process of turning and very few have dropped their leaves.
 The base elevation at Sunrise is 9200 feet, so the nights are getting cold which is turning the trees to their beautiful colors.

 We continued on to Greer to stop at our favorite restaurant there and had their Friday Fish Fry special - it was good.
On our way back we checked out Show Low Lake, which we heard was another good fishing pond. We liked this lake much better, no weedy bottom and plus there is no entrance fee. Come spring you know where we will be - sitting on a rock waiting for the "big one" (and waiting, and waiting, and waiting).
Tomorrow's forecast is for rain, so we will need to come up with some projects inside to work on to keep us busy. But for right now, sitting on the back deck, 70 degrees, looking at the pine trees and a few golfers teeing off.

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