Saturday, September 24, 2016

North Woods Get Away

We've been busy since we returned from Oklahoma. Before we left on that trip we put an offer on a cabin in the Show Low, AZ area and the close of escrow was on 9/8. So between all the paperwork for escrow and purchasing needed items for the cabin, it took most of our time. We took possession on the 8th and was busy getting everything set up the way we wanted it.

We had found a place where the furnishing were included, which was quite nice, so not too much was needed. Although we did find out some things were not what we wanted, so needed to replace, such as all the TV's which probably dated back to the 60's and boy were they heavy. Here is the living room with a nice fireplace which we tested out last night. After our first trip to the cabin, we figured out what we needed for a total AV system because there are speakers built-in through out the cabin. It only took us all day Thurs. and most of Friday to get the system up and running. Needless to say, we are not AV specialists. It's still not totally correct (unable to get the surround sound to work properly), but it works fine for what we need at this point.

Here's Jim enjoying our fire pit we put on the deck. We wanted a cabin with a built-in fireplace on the deck, but we settled for purchasing a fire pit. It works great.
 There are walking paths where we take our daily walks. At over 6300 feet, I'm puffing but still beautiful place to walk around.
Here's the front of the cabin.
Jim replaced all the outside lights today. The previous ones were quite rustic and cheap. So here are the new ones on the garage.
 From our back deck there are plenty of trees, mostly secluded except when golfers are teeing off on the 9th hole. We look out at the 9th tee box and can see a little down the 9th fairway.
 We ordered a cord of oak firewood that will be delivered tomorrow, so here is Jim stacking up our current inventory so we can get the new cord stack beside it.
 Here's the back of the cabin.
I believe we have most of our projects done, so tomorrow we can sit back and enjoy. The main reason for this North Woods Get Away is to get out of the Tucson summer heat. There's about a 20 degree difference in the two places. But we will be set up for cold weather also if we wish to come up. It's already getting cooler as last night it got down to 36 degrees. As I'm writing this I am being warmed by a blazing fire in our deck fire pit. Hopefully we have most our project completed on this trip, so the next time we come up we can go out and explore and enjoy the area.

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