Monday, June 27, 2016

Monsoon is Here

You know not much is happening when my post after over two months is about the monsoon season in Tucson. But I always especially enjoy that first storm of the season. It must be something about the refreshing smell of the first rains, the replenishing of moisture to our arid landscape and the cooling down effect (especially after such hot temps lately).

Saturday brought our first storm with only 4/10 of an inch of rain, but is a promise of more moisture to come. But it also brings higher humidity, but you can't have one without the other. I recorded about 25 seconds of the rain for everyone's enjoyment (hope this comes through on the post, never attached a video before).

The storm cells always bring high winds, which blows all the debris from the bushes and trees straight into the pool, which Jim was trying to keep cleaned out.
After the storm we are blessed with rainbows - I should find 2 pots of gold with two ends of the rainbow (it's almost a double rainbow).

 Since we haven't been wine tasting for awhile, Jim got an itch to go the Willcox to find that perfect bottle of wine. So Sunday we took off mid morning to hit the wine trail. We stopped at Golden Rule Winery and found a couple of good wines, then on to Zarpara Winery, Pierce Winery and finished at Pillsbury Winery where we found several more good wines. So we came home with more bottles for our ever growing cellar. As you can see Jim is wearing his Cops & Rodders T-shirt showcasing his Shelby Super Snake.
After an enjoyable afternoon tasting wine, we stopped at the Silver Spur Restaurant for a mesquite grilled steak before heading home.

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