Saturday, April 9, 2016

Visit to Mom's

It's been awhile since we traveled back to Fond du Lac, WI to visit Jim's mother, so a month ago we booked a flight for April 7th thinking the weather would be half way decent. Well it turns out, a winter storm decided to show up. We woke up to snow yesterday morning and it snowed off and on through out the day. We joined David and Carol for lunch then off to visit with mom. Then Carol put on a wonderful dinner at their home for the rest of the family.

When we were ready to leave for the hotel last night, this is what Jim had to do.

This morning we awoke to bright blue skies and 20 degrees. Today Carol has planned a lunch at Mom's place with part of the family. 

We will gladly be flying out tomorrow morning at 8am (only because of the weather) to get back to some nice warm temps. I'm not used to the cold and I do not have the appropriate clothing nor do I wish to acquire either.

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