Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yarra Valley

Hopped on our day tour bus at 9:45 Sunday morning for a 2 hour ride East of Melbourne to the Yarra Valley for a bit of wine tasting. Our first stop was at Fergusson Winery for a spit roast wine lunch that was quite good then tasted some more of their wines after lunch. Pleasant wines.

Our bus was a bit bigger than the one we took in Sydney.

Then on to the chocolaterier for our dessert. We sampled their chocolates twice then proceeded enjoying two scoops of the delicious ice cream. 

Our next winery was Rochford, which we did not care for their wines at all.

Then on to Dominique Portet for another tasting. These wines were not to our liking also.

We arrived back in Melbourne around 6 and found that housekeeping didn't make up our room, so called for service, so that meant we needed to go out for dinner. After walking around for awhile,we found an English pub, ordered a nice bottle of wine and had a very delicious dinner.

Here are a couple of views of Yarra Valley.

It's not all vineyards like Napa in CA, but much of a farming and ranch area. Beautiful weather, great scenery, good food and wine makes for a good day.

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