Monday, February 22, 2016

Wildlife sanctuary

Monday we took another tour, basically the same route but instead of wine tasting we went to the animal sanctuary to see all the native birds and animals. Stopped at the same winery as before, had another good wine lunch with tasting the wines afterwords. But the best was another stop at the chocolaterier again. Jim is digging into the free samples.

Next stop was the wildlife where we were guided around for 2 hours. The bird show was fascinating on how they trained the birds to fly to certain spots, mainly over our heads.

Plus saw some of the many birds from the area.

Then onto the Tasmanian Devil.

Jim got to feed an Emu, they are aggressive creatures.

The kangaroos were all resting so didn't get to see them hop around.

Only saw 2 Koalas and they were not moving and refused to show their faces.

Was a little disappointed in our experience, but guess can't complain, we got to see the animals.

Didn't have anything planned for today and since the forecast was for 104 degrees, we went for a walk in the park first thing. Their parks are just beautiful here.

Here is a beautiful old church by our hotel.

Then we went to the Immigration Museum and spent about 2 hours learning all about Australia.  It was so hot after we left the museum that we just walked back to the hotel and have stayed inside the rest of the day. We are heading out for the airport at 5am tomorrow for New Zealand. Will post when I can, but don't know how well WiFi will work where we stay. We've enjoyed our time in Australia but will be glad to get out of these big cities with horrendous traffic into some countryside of New Zealand.

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