Sunday, February 14, 2016

11Mile Day

Yes we walked a little over 11 miles today, and some not easy miles and it was hot and the humidity is around 80%. Started out this morning to walk around the Botanical Gardens, just beautiful. Got a little lost on the way there, but backtracked to get on course (this city is sooooo confusing, I don't know if I'm going East, West or around in a circle). Here I am at the entrance.

We strolled around this beautiful area, taking in all the different kinds of plants. We even came upon some bamboo.

Here is an unusual flower, the plant grows in a pond.

After finding our way through the gardens, we ended up at the Opera House, so we took a closeup look. As you can see, we are not experienced at taking selfies!

Ever wonder what the roof looks like up close? Well here it is. It's not all white like I thought it would be.

We proceeded from there to take the ferry over to Manly to see Manly Beach and walk around. It's about an 1/2 hour trip and saw more of the harbor. Round trip was a little over $30 AUD which computes to about $21 US . Manly is a typical beach city.

But the beaches are just packed.

On the map it showed a path or route around an area to get back to the ferry, so off we went. At first it was quite obvious where to go, but after a while it took off on a path that kept climbing up, hot and humid.

It was pretty, but there was no signs on which direction to go or which path to go on. We made several wrong turns, asked other hikers the way, which no one seemed to know. Through a real difficult area, we luckily joined several others to find the way. Finally got back to the ferry 5 minutes before it took off. The area was beautiful though.

OK, now we're back in Sydney, hot and tired, so we proceed to the oldest Pub in Sydney for a pint (175 years). 

Bars here, you don't sit at the bar, you order at the bar and serve yourself. Also they don't expect tips, even in restaurants where they serve you. It's great. We ended up at a restaurant on the harbor for dinner. So at the end of the day we walked 11.25 miles. Now we are quite tired and heading for bed to rest up for another big day tomorrow.

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