Monday, August 10, 2015

West Yellowstone Arrival

In my last post while we were at Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne, I mentioned going for a bison dinner. Well I want to tell you that the dinner was fabulous. Jim and I shared a bison sirloin dinner and the bison short ribs. The sirloin was great - lots of flavor and tender, but the short ribs were out of this world good. I don't know if it was because the bison was great or if it was the BBQ sauce, either way, they were fabulous. Now we can say we have eaten bison.

We left Cheyenne early Sat. a.m. and had a pretty easy drive to Billings, MT about 450+ miles. Didn't hit much traffic and the road was quite pleasant. When we arrived and got set up for the night, we took off to visit Yellowstone Winery, they make the wine there in Billings from grapes they get from Washington. Jim couldn't find any red wine he liked, but I came away with 6 bottles of 2 different whites, they were quite good.

We parked at the KOA RV Park in Billings which is right on the Yellowstone River.
Our site was nice with a patio, swing and table (picture is kinda hard to see).
Here's a better picture of Jim enjoying the swing.

 While sitting outside in the evening, we were surprised to see a deer come right in the park with all the people and cars around to have his dinner.
This morning we headed out of Billings to West Yellowstone, only a 233 mile trip. Arrived around noon, so had time to walk into town to visit all the tourist stores and we also went through the museum to gather our history lesson for the day.
 We are staying at the Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park, which is quite nice.
Our site is long enough for the coach and Lincoln to park on, with a nice patio area. 
 Here is a look at the park streets.
Jim is setting up the Weber grill, so that's my hint to head inside and get the pork ribs ready to get on the coals. Tomorrow we head head out for our first full day of viewing Yellowstone. There will be no trail hiking because we just heard at the museum that a hiker had an encounter with a bear and did not survive. Jim and I already have had our lifetime encounter with a bear at Sequoia NP and do not want to repeat that.

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