Tuesday, August 18, 2015


After a 500+ curvy, winding, slow miles we ended up  at Issaquah RV Park (about 15 miles east of Seattle) yesterday. Traffic wasn't too bad, but the road through the mountains sure caused stress on the driver and the navigator. Many things in the cupboard were shifted during the trip. We arrived to a small. tight quarters for our RV, park, but we got settled into our new home. We came here for the wine, especially Chateau St. Michele Winery.

We headed out this morning for about a 20 mile drive to Woodinville where all the wineries are located. Our first stop - of course, Chateau St. Michele.
As you can see, we left the winery with a few bottles.
Our next stop was Columbia Winery.
 Yea, a few more bottles.
OK, pulling the wallet out again at another winery. 
Went to several more wineries and only purchased a couple more bottles. It's time to go back the the RV. Only can take so much tasting before nothing tastes good and the designated driver is unable to drive.

I'm glad we have GPS or we would still be lost. This area has no direct route to anything. Made it back to the RV and rested after a hard days work. Moving day again tomorrow. Was scheduled to stay in this area for 4 days, but felt didn't need to, so changed our scheduled. We will start back heading south tomorrow.

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