Sunday, August 16, 2015

Glacier: gley-see-ur

I like the way the English pronounce "glacier" better than American way - it just sounds like it's spelled and it just makes more sense to me. Yep, you probably guessed where we are at - Glacier NP. We are staying in an RV park in Columbia Falls, about 15 miles west of the west entrance of Glacier NP, so quite convenient.

As you read in the last post we arrived Friday afternoon and as we were enjoying our evening patio time, it started to rain, so put out the awning as much as the tree would let us and we sat under the slide-out to keep out of the rain and still enjoyed a beautiful evening outside.

 Sat. morning we headed out to discover Glacier even though it was overcast and rainy. The park is just beautiful. The roads on the valley floor go between towering trees. Everything is just so green.
 Here is a small waterfall on the Flathead River.
We drove up the Going to the Sun Road, but it was so overcast and raining that we didn't stop anywhere to take any more pictures, you really couldn't see any of the mountains. We just drove around the whole loop back to Columbia Falls, where it was a bit warmer and not raining. We did drive south a bit and found a winery where we did some tasting and purchased some wine. Then another winery was about 20 miles south of that and we purchased a couple wines there after tasting them. That was about our day, got back to the RV and went for a walk and relaxed for the evening.

Today the weather was better - at least no rain, but still overcast and real hazy. I think some of the haze must be coming from the wild fire that was in the park. We saw a portion of that on our drive yesterday and it is just devastating what fire does to the beautiful forests.

Finally stopped and took pictures. Here is a couple of pics of the waterfall across the valley originating from the glacier right above it (the white in the picture right above is the glacier).

As you probably know, but there really are not many glaciers left. There might be more up in the Canada portion, but not where we were.

At the summit, it was cloudy and all fogged in, so did not get to see any views from that viewpoint. The valley floor was at about 3500 elevation and we felt like we climbed much more than the 6646 ft..

But the temp sure indicated we were up high, it was a cold 48.9 wet degrees.

Here is a waterfall right along the road.

This is a pano shot looking at the valley were we came from and the river flowing through.

Just a scenic pic of one of the mountains.
It's beautiful country and would loved to have experienced it when the weather was better with the sun out to get some better pics. Of course we needed to stop to pick up a huckleberry pie for dinner.  I'll let you know how it tastes. They told us these are really "huckin" good!
We head out tomorrow bright and early for a 500+ mile drive west. Will keep everyone updated on our adventures.

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