Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

Happy New Years to everyone! We have the pleasure of having Chuck, Kim and Emily join us here over the holiday. They arrived yesterday after their trip to San Diego in their motor home. Unfortunately the weather is terrible except for the beautiful view of the snow covered mountains. We enjoyed a birthday dinner last night for Chuck,then today we watched the UA Fiesta Bowl game on the big screen in the motor home because it was too cold outside.

Emily, Kim and I watched movies along with the game.

Then we headed up to the restaurant for New Years Eve dinner.

Great meal, great to have Chuck, Kim and Emily with us, but ate too much. We did the early seating so am heading to bed about 8pm, that's how much we party. But it's midnight somewhere!

Hopefully it will warm up a little tomorrow so we can enjoy golf, boat ride and a little outdoor action.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years.

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