Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bragging Rights #2

Yea, I did it again - A Hole In One, this time on hole #9. But I didn't get to see it pop into the hole. I lost the ball in flight after I hit it, but I heard it hit something and thought it must have been the tree behind the hole (even though I thought - wow did I hit it that far?). So when I got up to the green and looked around for my ball, it was no where to be seen, so I thought it went into the water after hitting the tree. Then Jim went to pick up his ball that he just put into the cup, and said, "there's a ball in this cup", and lo and behold - there was my dirty Titleist 1 ball. What a shock, I would not have thought that was what happened to my shot.
 As you can see by the following picture of Jim in jeans and bundled in a coat, that the weather has cooled down from its 70+ degrees to the low 60s, but the problem is the cold wind, it cuts right through a person. The wind has been over 20mph and the overnight lows are getting into the low 40s. I know for family and friends back in WI, that is probably warm to you, but to us, this is "cold".
Our Christmas was quiet but pleasant except for the cooler weather that turned cold on Christmas day. We pretty much stayed close to the warm motorhome watching basketball and only ventured out when needed. Yesterday, the wind subsided a bit, so did make it out for a round of golf. Hopefully today will be just the same. Right now (at 7:30am) it is 44 degrees and no wind and bright sunshine with a promise of 64 degrees by this afternoon.

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