Monday, October 6, 2014

We're Finally Here - Again

As in Oklahoma! Yes our bi-annual trip to Newell Coach for service on our RV. We drive just under 1200 miles to get back to the factory for them to service and fix items that are not working properly.

We left Tucson on Friday morning to spend the night in Las Cruces. Upon leaving Las Cruces early Sat. morning, the interchange to I-25 from I-10 was closed so drove an extra 20 miles to get heading north on I-25. Made it to Amarillo by late afternoon. Once we were set up we took off to our favorite tourist attraction - you guessed it - The Big Texan!

Even though the parking lot was full, we got a table fairly soon after arrival, in fact, maybe a little too soon, we didn't get much beer time at the bar.
But we took our time at the table enjoying our beers, then on to a wonderful steak dinner. For being a tourist restaurant, they do serve great steaks. Our's seemed to be exceptional this time for some reason, or maybe we were just hungry from driving over 500 miles. Jim had a 21 oz sirloin and I had a 8 oz. We both polished off our whole dinners in record time.
 We even got serenaded by the Big Texan Country/Western Trio that provided a song especially for us by Merle Haggard. It's so much fun playing tourist.

 At the Big Texan, if you eat their 72 oz. steak dinner within an hour, it is on the house. I can't even imagine eating that much even if I starved myself for 2 days.
 Had to sit and relax on our way out to the car after our big meals and entertainment. Another enjoyable trip to The Big Texan!

Sunday early it was onto Miami, OK (northeast corner of OK), a 450 mile trip that went quite well with no problems. Only hit a few construction spots, but traffic was pretty light. Got in around 3:30 and set up, then visited with other Newell owners that are here for service.

We'll probably be here for a couple of days for them to finish everything. Hope all goes well and we can get out of here Wed. But you never know, it might take longer.

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