Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And We're Still Here

Yes we are still parked behind Door #8!

We keep adding to our list, so we are here much longer than planned, but we decided to improve our entertainment systems. First we are taking out a big center in one of the bays that held a small refrig. & freezer with the TV on the end. The whole system was awkward and we didn't use much except the little TV. We are replacing it with a 42" TV that will pull out on a bracket so can move in any direction. This will leave the rest of the bay as open storage (a place to add more stuff)!

 Here's the box that was removed from the above bay.
We had to replace our original wine cooler that went out about 1 1/2 years ago. This is the old one that came out. Hopefully the new one will last longer than the first, because they are quite costly.

 An inside of the building view of our coach.
Well, since it will take time to replace the TV in the bay, we might as well spend this time installing a HDTV Satellite system which we don't currently have. So here is the installer climbing onto the top for installing the new system. When we originally purchased our coach the HD Satellite system wasn't available. I think it cost more to upgrade all the time to new technology. But how can you watch TV that isn't in HD????
Men hard at work getting a bracket out of the bay.
Everything will be completed tomorrow and we will be on the road back home on Friday. It's really not a vacation to come back to Newell for service. We really can't go anywhere during the day, because we need to be here to make sure things are done the way we want them and to show the workers what is wrong so they can fix it. So it's a bunch of sitting an waiting. And you all know how Jim is at sitting and waiting!

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