Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Last Stop

We finally made it back to Tucson Wed. afternoon after a long two day trip. Getting out of Newell didn't happen real early as we still had some issues with the HDTV setup that needed to be taken care of. We stopped in Amarillo again to give us time for laundry and cleanup before we took the last leg of the journey from Amarillo to Tucson, over 700 miles.

As you can see they literally drive their cars into the ground in Amarillo! And they call this "art"?
 Of course we headed back to the Big Texan for dinner where this guy was challenging that 72oz steak. As you can see, he has 10:32 left when I took this picture and he looked like he was going to finish it, but didn't stick around to see if he did.
Our 700+mile trek home was uneventful, left Amarillo at 4:15 am and got back to Tucson at 3:30pm driving straight through without any stops (you can do that when what you are driving has all the conveniences needed).

Our next event is taking our 67' & 68' GT-500's to the Classic Car Show at the Gregory School on Sat. This will be our 2nd car show and there are over 400 cars entered, so we will see how we do.

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