Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day in Show Low

I am posting today's post this afternoon as we are heading out early tomorrow morning for southern CO. Yesterday, there wasn't anything interesting to post. Just went for a drive then played golf at Silver Creek Golf after we had lunch there. The golf was hot and dusty - boy did that beer taste good when we got back to the RV.

Today we took the beautiful drive to Greer. As we passed by the casino, the Lincoln just pulled right in and parked. We just felt obligated to get out and spend some time there. Another 20 minutes we walked out with our lunch money again of $26.

It's about 30-40 miles to Greer from the casino, but the elevation goes up to around 8000 ft. from 6500 ft. at Show Low. The temp was just perfect around 78 degrees. Stopped and walked to the little creek that runs along the side of the road through Greer.

With the $26 burning a hole my pocket, we stopped at a neat little diner in Greer.

 With such beautiful weather temp wise, how could you not sit outside to enjoy the beautiful trees and scenery.
We both had a mesquite hamburger that was absolutely delicious and filling - no dinner for me tonight. The bill came to $25.40 (another great
Now back at the RV, we are enjoying a quiet afternoon in the A/C thinking about getting things ready to pull out tomorrow a.m. heading north to Bayfield, CO.

The data signal for the internet is so slow this afternoon that it has taken me over an hour just to do this post. Hopefully it will be better where we are heading.

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