Thursday, June 27, 2013

Globe Warming

Yesterday (Wed.) we left Tucson at 11am for higher elevation and cooler weather (Tucson is expected to reach a high of 113). Our trek up the mountain tested the RV. Climbing the mountain into Globe the motorhome started to loose power, was down to 20mph at most hills. We knew something was wrong because with a 625hp diesel motor, there is enough power to cruise up any mountain. When we reached the peak and was cruising into Globe, AZ the check engine light came on. We pulled over and called a Caterpillar service center in Show Low (luckily there was one so close). We described the problem and they thought we might be able to limp into Show Low.

Well, we took off and made it only about 5 miles because we just didn't have any power. We found a paved pullout and parked (80 miles from our destination). Called Cat service again. By now it is 2pm.

Over the phone he directed us to look for the problem in the engine compartment. We found the culprit immediately. The turbo boost hose bursted. Gave the service person all the pertinent info. He said it might be around 4 hours before he could get to us.
Luckily we can sit in an air conditioned motorhome to wait as it was about 110 degrees outside. We were in a dead zone, so didn't have internet, but still had all the other conveniences. It was about 6pm when he got there, changed out the hose and off we went.

Arrived at the Venture In RV Park at 7:40, called the park hosts to check in. After they saw the size of our coach (they never believe me over the phone when I describe our size) they changed the lot they had originally assigned to us to what they said was a premium lot. Well it was an adventure fitting our RV into this "premium" lot. As you can see, we are on a diagonal just to fit.
It's a nice clean RV Park, the people are just wonderful and the temperatures are much cooler. After we got settled last night, we enjoyed wine outside on the patio. What a pleasure with the temperature around 70s. A beautiful end to a stressful day.

Today - another adventure awaits us around the corner.

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