Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Drive

I'm a little late in getting this posted. We went for a drive up to Mt. Lemmon on Memorial Day. I believe everyone else in Tucson had the same idea. The road was quite busy both ways with holiday traffic, but it still was a pleasant drive - since we were not in any hurry and just enjoying the day. The weather was a beautiful 91 degrees at the bottom of the mountain and decreased to 69 degrees at the ski resort area. We made it just in time for lunch (boy was our timing good or what?), so stopped at the Iron Door at the ski resort for a tasty lunch of a salad and brats/german potato salad/red cabbage, which was quite tasty.

The inside the Iron Door restaurant is a rustic cabin feel. They also have a nice patio for eating outside, but we took an inside table so the wait was not as long.
 Here is a view of the ski slope from the front of the restaurant.
Then walking across the street you can take the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. We have done that in the past so didn't partake in this trip that day.
Then from the parking lot here is looking, I believe, east to the desert below.
Here is a view of driving back through Summerhaven. I was impressed with all the rebuilding after the fire up there several years ago where it took out the whole town and many homesites. The homes that they rebuilt are beautiful, big log cabins (if you could call them cabins). Plus in their rebuilding the town they added a few restaurants to draw more people up there.
Then we just followed all the traffic back down the mountain into 96 degree weather. All in all it was a very pleasant drive. Haven't been up to Mt. Lemmon since the fire and was pleasantly surprised what we found.

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