Monday, December 24, 2012

Caroling Motorcoach CC Style

The weather's been pleasant (in the afternoons), walks good, golf just so-so (some pretty ugly scores), wine tasty, boat rides relaxing, food great and how about those AZ Wildcats. A good match set for tomorrow night against SDSU.

Last night at the restaurant was Southern night. Of course we had to try the Fried Pickles and Fried Green Tomatoes, both were good, then with the main course of fried catfish, well I think that is enough fried food for me for another year. Tonight will be home cooking and of course Christmas day will be home cooking.

Yesterday while on the golf course we had a special treat of Christmas Caroling done MCC style.

Pictures taken with my iPhone so not great images, but you get the idea. There were 4 boats filled with carolers cruising the channel singing all the traditional carols. It was an unexpected treat even it didn't help the golf game any.

Expected high for today is 70 degrees, so pull out the shorts for an enjoyable afternoon on the golf course.

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