Saturday, December 22, 2012

Back for the Holidays

We arrived in Indio late yesterday afternoon after an uneventful trip from Tucson to spend the Christmas holiday in a place where the weather promises to be enjoyable. The forecast is in the high 60s throughout our stay. It's the lows at night, in the low 40s, that keep it from warming up too much. It will hit its high about 2pm then start dipping back down. Now don't think I am complaining - compared to our dear relatives back in Wisconsin, we are in paradise. I've seen their pictures of snow on FB, no thanks, I'm just not a cold weather person.

We don't have anything new planned for this trip, just our normal walk/bike ride in the mornings (though it might be much later morning to let it warm up a bit), golf in the afternoon, either restaurant or BBQ, then start all over again the next day.

Our perfect day ended yesterday with a beautiful sunset. Got the grill warmed up for a couple of filets and after a couple glasses of wine and dinner, the day ended.

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