Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoyable Saturday

Greg invited us over yesterday for an afternoon of golf and an evening of great food and conversation. The day turned out to be quite pleasant in the 80s but with 20 mph winds which made the golf a little challenging.
Greg lives on the 8th fairway of Dorado Golf Course. This makes it convenient for him to own his own golf cart.
 And quite the golf cart he has with the fancy wheels and of course the flames on the side.
 After a challenging and windy round of golf, we headed back to Greg's place for a few beers and glasses of fine wine to ease the beating the golf course issued, plus a delicious BBQ dinner. And don't forget the peach/raspberry pie for dessert.
We enjoyed the flowers that are blooming in his backyard while enjoying the evening on his patio. Greg is such the accomplished gardner.
It was a great day! What more could one ask for - golf and great food and great company. Thanks Greg.

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