Friday, March 16, 2012

Wildflower Search Resumed

We're back in Tucson after a great trip once again to Indio.  Had great weather there except for two days where the wind blew and it was cold.  Arrived in Tucson just in time to experience the great weather here.  It's been in the 80s and just beautiful spring weather. So I have resumed my search for wildflowers.

Thursday I packed up the camera and headed out to discover the Esperero Trail located in Sabino Canyon. This is a new trail for me and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

The trail meandered along hillsides with a gentle up and down in the beginning, then got steeper the farther along I went.
You never know who you might meet along the trail.

The bees provided a constant buzzing song as I hiked.
I have never seen this flower before so am unable to identify it for you. Would appreciate a comment from someone who does know the name to this flower.  I only saw 2 in my trek. It was quite unusual.
I hiked up to a 3100' elevation point (from 2700' elevation at the parking lot, so not too bad of a climb). The further I went up the mountain the flowers disappeared. So I stopped and took a few pictures of the view then headed back down to find more flowers. 

See the area of green in the middle of the picture below? That was my next destination.
Found more flowers along the way.
With the warm weather over the past weeks, a good majority of the flowers have already dried up, but did find a few Mexican Poppys left along the trail.

Here is the green along the Sabino Creek that I showed earlier that looked so far away.
Just a shot heading back to the parking lot and my vehicle to rest my hot, tired feet.
This coming Sunday and Monday the forecast is for rain, so if we get enough the wildflowers might extend a couple more weeks. I hope so. This quest for wildflowers is quite enjoyable.

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