Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plans Change

I've had a bit of a schedule change from my searching the Tucson area for wildflowers to hopping in the RV heading back over to Indio last Thursday. On the trip over we unfortunately got behind a cement truck that didn't clean out his shoot very well and dropped some cement which ended up on the front of the motorhome. Then a truck went by in the opposite direction and flew up a rock which chipped our windshield.  Luckily the chip didn't spread out and we had it repaired on Friday, so hopefully it will not spread and cause us to replace the windshield.  (We've already replaced the windshield once back in 2009, it's not an easy task and costs over $2000, which the insurance covers, but still I don't want to turn in another claim.) The motorhome got washed on Monday and all the cement came off with no major damage done.

Since we have been here, we are back on our usual routine of morning walk, afternoon golf, evening boat ride and then relax on the patio watching basketball.  We have been up to the restaurant two times and plan again for Prime Rib night Wednesday.

As you can see the Canadian Geese are still here, I caught one here moving from one side of the lake to the other.
 Below is a little friend we met along the path as we went for a 3 mile hike with a 425' elevation change at the Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mtn Visitor Center. 
 As you can see the area is quite desolate and a true desert, not like the Sonoran desert around Tucson. This picture show some of the path we climbed up to the top.
Then came along this energetic soul - mountain biked up to the top and went around two times that we saw. 

There we quite a few cute little cholla's along the way. 
Just another view from the path. 

After our hike we drove about 10 miles more up the mountain to find a place to have a picnic lunch.  We pulled over at a vista point and hunkered down behind a rock to block the wind and had our sandwiches.   We are now back at the RV, the wind blowing so much that the RV is rocking and rolling and needless to say, we are not going out to play golf.  Right now the winds are probably gusting up to 30-40 mph.  Hopefully they will go away overnight so we can get back to our normally scheduled routine. No boat ride tonight either and we will be staying inside out of this wind.

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