Friday, October 21, 2011


After having unsolved issues yesterday with the RV, today we have a mystery solution.  The furnace just decided to work, nothing done to it, it just took the day off yesterday and was back on the job this morning to warm the coach.  Plus we received our new control panel, installed it and low and behold, it worked.  Wonders never cease.

Since our morning started off so good, we took a walk to old town Mesilla and enjoyed a few sites.

We came across an old church that a funeral was in progress with the hearse a 1950's Cadillac. Mesilla was where Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to hang.

After we finished our walk, we thought about higher learning at NM State University.

Just because it was the golf course doesn't mean we didn't earn our degree on the putting green.

Enjoyed playing this pretty course with plenty of trees for the golf ball to find.

Also found some fall colors (very minimal).
Stopped off at another wine tasting room on way back to RV, but left empty handed.  Didn't like any of their wines.

Now we are ready for another evening of BBQ (steaks) and football.  Can you believe those UA Wildcats last night?  Quite an improvement!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another episode in our 4 day adventure.

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