Saturday, October 29, 2011

4 Day Adventure Conclusion

Our four day adventure did come to an end last week-end.  And as promised (albeit a bit late, as heard through the grapevine) the final chapter in Las Cruces. Saturday broke with bright blue skies with a crispness in the air.  We took off early for a day of sightseeing around the area.  Drove south on I10 to El Paso, then West on Sunland Park and found a casino, which called to Jim.  After spending a few hours donating funds, we moved north on country roads through pecan groves with the magnificent trees forming a tunnel over the road, cotton fields, and of course vineyards.
Of course we stopped and tasted the wines as we continued north.
We added a few bottles to our collection back in the RV (I'm actually holding a bag containing my newly purchased bottle in the picture below).
Some wineries didn't offer any vintage that satisfied our palate such as the one below.
After our hard day drive through the pretty countryside and tasting wines, we needed to settle in for an enjoyable evening.

Our last pleasurable evening in Las Cruces.
Sunday morning brought cleaning, laundry and packing up to move on out towards home.  Another enjoyable trip comes to an end.

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