Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 2 Golf

Saturday we decided to go for another round of golf since the forecast had very little chance of rain. So we headed over to Bison again (only 3 miles from the cabin), but they were quite busy so decided to go across town quite a ways to Silver Creek Golf, which we got on right away (1:10pm). We've played Silver Creek several times in the past and the fairways are more to our liking (wide). The day was beautiful, sunny with some puffy clouds around 78 degrees.

The front 9 went quite well, even though it was a bit slower play than we like. Beautiful scenery with green everywhere.
Making the turn as we go to the 10th we noticed dark clouds off in the distance and didn't think it would get to us. We still had gorgeous blue skies. As we played through to the 16th hole, the sky kept getting darker and started to sprinkle on the 16th green. Got to the 17th green and it started to rain, so pulled out our rain jackets again. By the time we got to the 18th tee it was hailing - time to head in. Got back to the Lincoln, threw the clubs in the car, took the cart back and headed home. We drove slowly through torrential downpour, thunder, lightning and hail to get back to the cabin.

What do you do when you get rained on again on the golf course? Sit in front of a blazing fire with a glass of wine and watch golf on TV.
We have a new addition to our art - Mr. Lazy Bear is now resting over our bed. I finished this 30x40 painting last week just in time to take up on this trip.

While we were up at the cabin getting rained on, we received 1.4 inches of rain at home in Tucson. Everything is just so green. I could go for a couple of days rain free though.

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