Thursday, July 20, 2017

Along for the Ride

RV needed to stretch its legs and go for a nice long run after being cooped up in the barn since April 23, so Jim & Linda decided to go along for the ride. On Wed. late morning, RV headed east on I10, barely missing a thunderstorm just outside of Bensen, but had a smooth gallup all the way to Las Cruces where RV stopped to fill up on some oats (diesel). Back heading east on I10 RV had to slow to a trot to get through a wind and dust storm, then got back up to a gallup when headed north on I25. But once RV headed east on Hwy 70 RV slowed to a walk to get through a downpour. After about 10 miles of rain, RV increased back up to a gallup continuing going east and eventually climbing a mountain. After slowing for a small town, RV finally slowed down and turned into Ruidoso Motorcoach Ranch and found a cozy stall in the stable and settled in for the next 3 days to let Jim and Linda play.

Since we got in the "stall" at 6:55pm after we set up there wasn't much time to unwind before eating dinner and heading off to bed. Dinner was simple, beef stew in the crock pot that cooked on the way over.

This morning we woke to beautiful 62 degrees and blue skies. After breakfast, we took off for a little walk on the trail around this property. We shared the trail with the natives, a herd of about 6 deer, one buck with horns with his females following him. Was a short trail, but nice. The park only has 29 stalls, so quite small, but quite nice. Each space has a little patio with a gas fire pit.

Then we hopped in the car to check out the golf course just down the road, but they have a tournament going on, so no go there. Then into town to check on 2 others. Decided we would head back to the RV to clean up the Lincoln up after the rain storm yesterday and pick up the rain jackets to play golf after 1pm.

About noon the thunderstorms decided to move in, so grilled a couple of hamburgers for lunch and indulged while waiting for it to maybe clear up. So we are in a holding pattern waiting for the rains to leave the area (probably not for today). We'll see.


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