Saturday, May 6, 2017

Escaping Tucson Heat Wave

A heat wave of upper 90s to low 100s was expected for Tucson Wed. thru Sat., so where do we head to prevent sweating through those miserable temps? The cabin of course. Took off Wed about 1pm and got up to the cool country at 4:30. This is our first trip since we closed the cabin last Thanksgiving weekend. The cabin endured the winter just fine, except the TV and receiver were on (probably switched on with power outages). Guess I need to unplug all the electronics even though we have surge protectors on them all.

After our walk Thurs. a.m., we started the yard cleanup, raking all the pinecones and pine needles in the front. Worked 4-5 hours and then finished up on Friday for a total of 17 big black trash bags full. The back will need to wait till our next trip. Jim cleaned out all the gutters before cleanup. Those pine needles love to stick in the gutters.

 After all that work on Thurs., we decided to take a break and go fishing Fri. morning. We hit Show Low Lake bright and early eagerly getting our lines in the water to catch a bunch of trout. Well we sat and waited and waited, but the fish were not hungry. A guy was fishing next to us and he caught a 12 inch trout which he gave to us because he said he didn't want to clean it. So we did share one fish for dinner. Hopefully next time we will be a little bit more lucky to cover the cost of all the tackle. But it was a nice break from the yard work, which we went home and continued working.

We are at an elevation of 6440 and the temps run 20 degrees cooler than Tucson. So we are enjoying the perfect temps of 70s-80s. With the cooler weather spring is still in existence with wildflowers still in bloom.
Brought up my first bear painting, 24"x24" and got it hung, but it needs more along side of it. I have a series of bear paintings planned, but this is the only one I have finished. Hopefully by next trip I will have another one done so this bear won't be so lonely. Any authentic cabin needs bear paintings.
Today, Sat. is relaxation day. Did a 4 mile walk this morning (and you have to understand we are in the mountains and it's not flat). Don't plan much for the rest of the day except sit out on the deck and watch the pine needles and pinecones fall (forecast windy). Tomorrow we will head back to the warm country, but it looks like we have dodged the heat as cooler temps are forecast.

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