Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Chris's Memorial and Catchup

We enjoyed our week in Indio - the weather was great (except for a few days the wind blew a little bit too much), the golf was enjoyable (mostly) and the evening cruises were quite pleasant (except for one evening we decided to take the boat out in gale force winds - a few laughs).

Here is a turtle that lives in our waters. It doesn't look like a desert tortoise, but cute anyways.

We went to the restaurant for lunch and dinners everyday except Tues when they are closed to make a dent in the $2800 amount we need to spend. Did a pretty good job with spending $1500 of that. We didn't want restaurant food for awhile after that. But we need to go back again to finish up before April 30th when they close for the season. Our trip back to Tucson on 4/2 was uneventful just like we like it. Here we are enjoying one of our evening cruised before dinner.

While we were gone on 3/27 the Chris Moon memorial at Cherry Field in Tucson was uncovered during a ceremony, which unfortunately we missed. So Jim and I went down the Cherry Field this last Sat. to see the memorial. It is a very impressive. Here is a link to an article in the Tucson paper http://tucson.com/statue-honoring-chris-moon-a-labor-of-love/article_7318c5aa-1727-11e7-b82e-53d1f27bb746.html  I hope this link works. If you enlarge the picture below you probably can read the inscription.

 As you can see with Jim standing next to Chris' statue, it is full size. Everyone involved in this project worked many hours to see this happen. It is very well done and very impressive.
 Sunday we made a visit to the Desert Museum since it was a bit cooler to walk around. Had a nice, enjoyable time walking through all the exhibits and of course the flowering plants were the best part. I still don't know how a thorny cactus can have such beautiful flowers.
 A lot of the flowers were dried up already, but this one area was a beautiful display of different varieties. Stopped and had lunch at the restaurant enjoying a great salad before finishing up the tour around the grounds. It was a pleasant 3 hours on a Sunday morning.

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