Sunday, February 19, 2017

Life on Board Ship

We made it to Miami and was docked by 8am and watched a beautiful sunrise. Had an early breakfast and was ready to debark as soon as we were able to. It took about 45 minutes to get off the ship and through customs, but other than the time it all went well. Got a taxi and arrived at the airport and through security within another 1/2 hour. Now the wait, our flight doesn't leave until 3:45 this afternoon, then we are flying to LAX then back to Tucson. The only connection we could find. So it will be around midnight Tucson time when we get home.

Thought I would expand a bit on life on the cruise ship. Here is deck 7 (our walking deck) where 2 2/3 laps equals 1 mile. Well, over the 2 weeks, we put some miles on this deck. It will be nice to walk back at home where we won't be going in a circle - round and round the deck. On sea days we would walk 45 minutes after breakfast then at least 2 other times during the day. On days we were in port, we only got in maybe 2 times in a day. Even with all the walking, I'm sure my calorie count intake far exceeded my exercise calorie count. (Diet time when we get back).
Besides the buffet, they had 3 other main dining rooms where service and food was just as enjoyable at any fine dining restaurant. We partook in these fine dining experiences quite a few times. Always enjoyed their desserts.
Here is a picture of the buffet area. They always served many different types of food and all that I tasted was good.
 We had a mini-suite stateroom with a balcony. Mini-suite also still means small, but it wasn't too bad. We sure enjoyed our balcony, even brought our dinner back from the buffet to enjoy peace and quiet, by our selves one time.

Every evening our steward left us a little animal on the bed. I didn't find the bed too comfortable but Jim thought it was fine.
Our typical sea day starts with breakfast, walk, rest, casino, bingo and walk.

 We broke down and played shuffleboard the last day. Needless to say, I don't think Jim will ever play again - I won 75 to 25. It wasn't the best shuffleboard conditions.

We always took part of Bingo - which I reported that Jim won $105 the first day, then I won $53 a few days later, but mine I had to split with 2 other winning cards. Here getting ready for the big game.
They had an area you could see the bridge.
We had a very enjoyable time, but am glad we are heading home. Jim caught a cold and is suffering, so the last few days have not been as enjoyable, but overall a good time. Was it worth it to see the Panama Canal - yes, but now I can say that I have been there and done that and not go back again. The trip being 2 weeks long is a bit long. Especially having so many sea days with not much to do. A lot of their activities they had on board did not interest us.

Here is information on our cruise ship.

Hopefully you can see this map ok of our route we took.
No one guessed at our total miles, so I am unable to give out the prize for the winner. Total miles was 4,547 Nautical Miles or 5,229 Land Miles.
 Well that's enough for now. As I remember things, I'll try to post.

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