Friday, February 26, 2016

Marlborough Sounds

Took a scenic drive this morning up through part of the Marlborough Sounds. Starting at Picton where the inter island ferry terminal is located, it's a small town north of where we are staying.

This is the ferry we will be taking tomorrow morning heading to the North Island.

Here are some views of the sound.

We passed through Havelock, best known as the greenshell mussel capital of the world, so a must stop was The Mussel Pot for a pot of mussels and a brew.

After lunch we headed back to Blenheim, stopping at a couple of wineries for a bit of a taste.

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing a load of laundry after checking into the motel, then going for a walk. We have limited amount of clothes since we only have our carry on luggage, that means laundry, but it's worked out quite nicely most of the motels have laundry facilities. Also everything is so casual that we've only been wearing shorts.

Like I mentioned, tomorrow we head for the North Island. The 3 hour ferry ride should be quite scenic. We go through the Cook Strait to land in Wellington.

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