Saturday, January 16, 2016

Experiencing the Culture

Yesterday we took the bus to El Centro and it was an experience. First, I'm surprised that the bus even ran because it was so old, second the ride was quite jarring as it went over the cobble roads, third you just closed your eyes as the driver speeds through city. The fare for both of us was 15 pesos ($.84). See the up to date money changer!  Trying to figure out where to get off was a bit tricky but did figure it out.

We walked along the shore where there is several miles of walkways enjoying the sights.

Things are quite colorful.

Here is a typical street.

This is a real person, I don't know how he stood like this so long. There wasn't anything propping him up.

Since we were walking in the direction of the hotel we just kept walking and walked all the way back, probably over 7 miles. My phone registered over 24,000 steps and 11 miles total yesterday, our tootsies are a bit sore today.

Ended up at the same restaurant last evening for dinner overlooking the marina.

Don't have anything planned for today yet except enjoying this beautiful weather.

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