Monday, August 24, 2015

Caldwell, Idaho

We arrived at Ambassador RV Resort in Caldwell, ID about 25 miles west of Boise around 1pm yesterday after a smoky, easy 260 mile drive from Kennewick. After setup we headed out to have our first tasting of Idaho wines. The first stop, we didn't care for the wines, the 2nd stop, same thing. After the 3rd winery, we decided that this area's wines are just not to our liking. Not that they are not good wines, but they just don't fit our wine tasting buds. Here is a view of some of the vineyards.

There was one winery on "Chicken Dinner Rd". Such strange street names. After going to 6 wineries, we decided that was enough to know the area just isn't for us, so we headed back to the RV to get the Weber out to BBQ a pork roast and have an enjoyable evening on the patio. The RV park is quite spacious and pleasant.
This morning after our chores (laundry and washing windshield), we took a drive to Boise to see the State Capital. It's a big impressive building.
Here we are beside a big bell in front of the building.
Entering the front doors, your first view are these marvelous marble pillars, quite impressive.

This is looking up into the dome.
This is from the top floor looking down at the bottom 2 floors. We had our history lesson of Idaho for the day in the visitor center on the bottom floor.
After our tour of the Capital, we went to one of their many parks to have a picnic lunch.

This is the view we had from our picnic table.

 As soon as we sat down, all the geese got out of the water and came over to visit us.
 Once especially liked Jim.
After lunch we took a walk around the park, it's really pretty - especially green with lots of trees.
 The pathway and parks go right along the Boise River.
After a relaxing lunch and walk, we headed back to the RV. We are meeting my nephew and his family for dinner this evening. I have not seen Tom and Stacey for over 20 years, so it will be nice to see them again along with meeting their 2 daughters, Savannah and Taylee.

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