Sunday, March 15, 2015

Picacho Peak or Bust!

Well, we busted. There is no way we can hike (or at least I am unable to hike) to the top of Picacho Peak at an elevation of 3,374' with an elevation change of over 1400' in a little over 3 miles on the Sunset Vista Trail on the South side of the mountain. A little too steep for me.

The wildflowers are at their peak or probably a little past peak, so an area that is noted for plentiful blooms is Picacho Peak State Park, so Jim & I took off this morning to experience it this year (our first time to this area even though we drive by all the time).

Most of the flowers are Mexican Poppies that are on the North side of the mountain.
We hiked back in from the DeAnza Loop looking for patches of poppies.

We did discover other color blooms beside yellow.

After the photo op, we had our picnic lunch we brought. Great view while having our lunch.
Here's Picacho Peak from the South side, we hiked about an hour to get to this point, to reach the peak it looks straight up. No thank you, it looks great from here.
A beautiful day except for the 15-20 mile winds with gusts to probably 30, but it kept it nice and cool for a hike. The temp was probably in the upper 70s. Just a great day out in nature and AZ beauty.
Now we're enjoying our back patio with a corned beef brisket on the grill to celebrate St. Patrick's day (maybe a couple of days early) with a corned beef, cabbage, red potato dinner.

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