Monday, March 9, 2015

Fords on Fourth Car Show

The 2014 GT500 Super Snake and the 1967 GT500 were shined and polished arriving at the Fords on Fourth Car Show Sunday (March 8th) before 7am to become part of the many wonderful Fords on displayed on Fourth Ave in Tucson. After getting our registration packet and some finishing touches on the cars, we were ready for the crowds.

Of course we had to display our Cops and Rodders "Best in Show" plaque on the Super Snake. I don't know which car got more attention, but the '67 does attract people, but so does the wide body on the '14.
This year we were parallel parked on the West side of the street being able to show the cars off better from all sides. And we definitely attracted attention with these 2 cars. Chuck, Kim, Allie, & Rob came out to support us for a while in the morning. We appreciate their company.
The day turned out beautiful with the temp climbing up to the high 70s, which in turned brought out more of a crowd to see all the great cars. The show had 230 cars registered.
 The voting for the best cars in each category is done by the entrants and Jim walked away with two first place plaques.
 Here are the two plaques that are added to our "Wall of Fame".
It was a great day, but for some reason just sitting/standing around talking to car people all day is tiring, so it was great to get home after putting the '67 back in the shop building (I counted that there are 9 locks/alarms/doors that need to be undone to drive the car in the building, then 9 to lock everything back up again). So once we got home and hit the patio with a NBA game on, we quenched our thirst with a beer. Then since we won 2 first places, of course we needed to open a good bottle of wine to celebrate.

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