Wednesday, February 26, 2014

David & Carol's Visit Day 2 & 3

It's always so nice having company from out of town, it gives us an excuse to visit places around Tucson that we have not gone to before. Yesterday afternoon we went to take a tour of the Mission Open Pit Copper Mine, it's only about 18 miles south of Tucson.

Here is Dave & Jim standing beside a tire that goes on one of the hauling trucks.
Here is the trucks coming up from the pit. It's a big hole in the ground.
One of the trucks hauling the material up from the pit. It's amazing the complicated process to come up with the final copper product. Once they extract the product from this site and do some processing here, it's trucked to about 100 miles away for the smelting process, then on to Amarillo, TX for final processing. No wonder copper cost so much.

 Jim standing by an old (and much smaller) haul truck.
Day 3 - Wed. - we went to Sabino Canyon and took the tram up the canyon. Dave & Carol at the top. It was a beautiful day, the sun finally came out after days of overcast. Temps are in the 70s which Dave and Carol are surely enjoying since their temps at home are in the single digits.
Of course, I had to take advantage of a wildflower photo op.

Tonight Jim is taking Dave to the UofA basketball game so Carol, Jamie and I are going out to dinner.

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